Unlock the Power of Social Listening on X (Twitter) with KWatch.io

As businesses evolve in an ever-connected world, staying informed about what's buzzing around your brand and niche becomes not just an advantage, but a necessity. Is your brand a topic of conversation on X? What's the sentiment around it? Are your marketing efforts hitting the mark? At KWatch.io, we provide the answers to these questions, ensuring you're not just a part of the conversation but a step ahead.


Why Monitor Keywords on X (Twitter)?

X isn't just a social platform; it's a goldmine of insights, a direct line to customer thoughts, emerging trends, and the competitive landscape. By tracking keywords related to your brand, products, and industry, you unlock a treasure trove of actionable intelligence. Whether it's tracking mentions about your brand or products, monitoring competitors, or engaging in customer satisfaction, each interaction holds value.

Example of KWatch.io competitor mentioned on X (Twitter). Time to jump in!

How KWatch.io Allows You to Perform Social Listening on X (Twitter)

Our platform, KWatch.io, is designed to seamlessly monitor, track, and analyze posts and comments on X, even if these posts and comments are not publicly available on Google!. Whether you're a small business owner, a digital marketer, or part of a larger company, our tool helps in many situations:

KWatch.io dashboard Define keywords to listen to on Reddit, X (Twitter), Hacker News...

KWatch.io email alerts Receive an email alert when a keyword is found in posts or comments

KWatch.io sentiment analysis Leverage AI to automatically analyze the sentiment about your keyword

Actual Uses Cases Where Tracking Mentions on X (Twitter) is Invaluable

Our platform is useful in many situations. Here are some real-world scenarios where KWatch.io proves invaluable:

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Frequently asked questions

Do you monitor X (Twitter) in real-time?

Yes, you will get a notification instantly when someone tweets or comments on X (Twitter).

Do you monitor both posts (tweets) and comments on X (Twitter)?

Yes, we monitor both posts and comments on X (Twitter).

Do you monitor private content on X (Twitter) that is not publicly available on Google?

Yes, we monitor all the conversations happening on X, even if they are not indexed by Google.

Is it possible to exclude or include specific accounts?

Yes, by default we listen to all the accounts on X (Twitter), but you can choose to track only specific accounts if only some of them are relevant. You can also decide to exclude specific accounts.

Can I exclude X (Twitter) posts and comments that contain specific keywords?


Can I monitor X (Twitter) content that only contains several terms at the same time?

Yes, you can decide to receive an alert only if several words are all detected in the posts or comments on X (Twitter). If only some terms are detected, but not all of them, you won't be notified.

How can I perform sentiment analysis on X (Twitter)?

On KWatch.io we automatically analyze the sentiment about your keywords when they are detected on X (Twitter). We manage to do that thanks to advanced AI large language models. You will need a plan that supports sentiment analysis.

How can I receive an email alert when a keyword is found on X (Twitter)?

Simply declare the keywords you want to monitor on X (Twitter) and you will automatically receive an email alert when the keyword is detected. You can also decide to disable the email alert.

How can I receive a Slack notification or an API webhook when a keyword is found on X (Twitter)?

You will need to subscribe to a plan that allows Slack notifications or API webhooks, and then follow a simple integration process.

Can I import many keywords all at once?

Yes, if you have many keywords to listen to on X (Twitter), it might be easier for you to work locally on an Excel file or a Google spreadsheet that contains all your keywords, and then upload everything in bulk to KWatch.io. You will need a plan that includes bulk upload.

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