Need an Alternative to Brand24 For Social Listening on Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter) And More? Check

There are some good alternatives to Brand24 for social listening. Here is a comparison between Brand24 and for social media monitoring on Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter), Quora, Hacker News... You will learn how compares in terms of pricing, features, and speed.

KWatch vs Brand24 VS Brand24: Pricing Comparison

A strong social listening approach typically requires tracking multiple keywords simultaneously. This could involve keeping tabs on your brand, competitors, products, and various other business-related terms. Therefore, it's important to find a pricing plan that allows for extensive keyword monitoring without being excessively costly.

Here is an example: on Brand24, you can only monitor 3 keywords on Reddit when selecting the "Invididual" plan ($99/month), while on you can monitor 20 keywords ($19/month). On the "Enterprise" plan the difference is even more important: you can monitor 25 keywords on Brand24 only ($499/month) while you can monitor 500 keywords on ($199/month)!

Additionally, Brand24 only allows for a maximum of detected mentions per month (2k mentions per month on the Individual plan). There is no such a limitation on

Here is the Brand24 pricing as of this writing:

Brand24 Pricing

The first plan on Brand24 starts at $99 per month while starts at $19 per month. Brand24's Enterprise plan costs $499 per month while's Enterprise plan costs $199 per month. It is also worth noting that some advanced features like API webhooks are only available on the Enterprise plan with an additional $99 monthly cost on Brand24 while they are available in much lower plans on

Last of all, Brand24 does not propose any Free plan while does propose a Free plan that allows you to monitor Reddit and Hacker News.

Does Brand24 Monitor Social Media In real-time?

Brand24 does not monitor social media in real-time, but does.

The reason for this differentiation is because connects directly with the APIs of social media platforms. This requires more effort on our part, but it's the best method to guarantee up-to-date and reliable data, ensuring no mentions are overlooked.

Conversely, Brand24 conducts its searches by utilizing search engine outcomes, akin to Google Alert. One issue with this method is the inability to gather data instantaneously. Access to real-time information is critical when aiming to be the first to participate in discussions on social media platforms. Another issue is the potential omission of crucial data that search engines fail to index.

Does Brand24 Monitor Linkedin's Private Posts?

Brand24 does not monitor Linkedin's private posts but only Linkedin's posts publicly available in search results. does monitor Linkedin's private posts though!

Here is what Brand24 officially state on their website:

Brand24 Not Monitoring Linkedin Private Posts

Conducting social listening on Linkedin is quite challenging, which explains why only a handful of platforms manage to achieve it. At, we track keywords across Linkedin posts, regardless of whether these posts appear in public search results.

Does Brand24 Monitor X (Twitter)'s Private Content?

The majority of content on X (formerly known as Twitter) is no longer publicly accessible. Consequently, standard social listening tools such as Brand24 are unable to efficiently track X.

Here is what Brand24 officially state on their website:

Brand24 Not Monitoring Twitter Private Content keeps track of every post and comment on X, regardless of whether the content appears in search results. Utilizing this information can greatly enhance your social listening approach!

Does Brand24 Propose Conversation Tracking? allows you to track specific conversations on social media and be notified in real-time when someone makes a comment in a conversation. Conversation tracking is a very useful feature that can be effectively combined with keyword monitoring.

Brand24, on the other hand, does not propose such a conversation tracking feature.


Brand24 is a well-known player in the field of social monitoring.

Brand24 undoubtedly offers numerous social media management tools that are absent from our offerings at, and we have no intention of incorporating such features in the future since they fall outside our primary expertise. Nevertheless, if your focus is on a robust social media monitoring platform capable of tracking specific keywords across platforms like Reddit, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Hacker News, and others, is likely to serve you better.

Feel free to see for yourself: register on here.

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