Social Listening With Slack Notifications

In the world of social media, it's essential to stay on top of what is being said about your brand, the latest developments in your sector, and what your competitors are up to. Our state-of-the-art social monitoring tool is built to provide instant notifications from key social media platforms, including Reddit, LinkedIn, Hacker News, X (Twitter), and Quora, straight to you. Thanks to our powerful integration with Slack, you can effortlessly channel these updates directly into your Slack workspace, guaranteeing you're always in the loop.

API Webhooks

Slack Nofitications for Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter), Hacker News, and Quora

Slack notifications can be more convenient than emails. On KWatch it is easy to set up a Slack webhook so you can receive instant social notifications from Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter), Hacker News, and Quora, on Slack.

We will send a message to your preferred Slack channel as soon as a keyword is detected:

API Webhooks
Example of a Slack notification received after a KWatch competitor was detected on Linkedin

Real-time Slack Alerts From Reddit, Hacker News, Linkedin, X (Twitter), and Quora

Timeliness is crucial. In social monitoring, obtaining information first can significantly impact outcomes. Our Slack integration offers immediate alerts as soon as the keywords you're tracking are mentioned. Consequently, you have the ability to respond instantly to discussions that are pertinent to your business or field.

Monitor discussions in real-time on Reddit, LinkedIn, Hacker News, X (Twitter), and Quora, all from one platform.

Slack Integration for Social Listening

Set up API Webhook Set up your Slack webhook URL in your dashboard

Here is how it works:

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Frequently asked questions

What security measures are in place for data shared through webhooks?

Our platform prioritizes security, employing encryption (TLS) to ensure that data transmitted via our webhooks is protected

Are there any limitations on the number of Slack webhooks I can create?

Yes, you can create one Slack webhook per account, but if you create a team each member of the team will be able to create his own webhook

What kinds of events can trigger a Slack webhook alert?

A Slack webhook is triggered everytime a keyword is detected on a social media platform, in real-time

How can I test the Slack webhook integration before going live?

In your dashboard, when setting up your Slack webhook URL, you can send test webhooks to help you with your integration

Is technical support available for setting up and troubleshooting Slack webhook integrations?

Absolutely! We offer dedicated technical support for setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting Slack mwebhook integrations.

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