Is A Good Alternative To Mention For Social Listening on Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter) And More

Mention is a popular social listening and social media management platform, but many users are looking for an alternative that is either cheaper, simpler, or with better social media platforms compatibility. That's why we decided to make a comparison between Mention and for social media monitoring on Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter), and more.

KWatch vs Mention VS Mention: Pricing Comparison

Monitoring various keywords simultaneously is crucial for an effective social listening strategy. This includes tracking your brand, competitors, products, and other related business terms. It's essential to find a pricing plan that allows for comprehensive keyword monitoring without being too expensive.

On Mention, the number of keywords you can track simultaneously is quite limited. For example on Reddit you can only monitor 2 keywords when subscribing to the "Solo" plan ($179/month), while on you can monitor 20 keywords on our lowest plan ($19/month). On the "ProPlus" plan the difference is even more important: you can monitor 7 keywords on Mention only ($179/month) while you can monitor 500 keywords on on the Enterprise plan ($199/month)!

Besides, Mention only allows for a maximum of detected mentions per month (5k mentions per month on the Solo plan). There is no such a limitation on

Here is the Mention pricing as of this writing:

Mention Pricing

It is also important to note that some advanced features like boolean search or Slack notifications are only available on the ProPlus plan on Mention ($179 per month) while they are available in much cheaper plans on

Last of all, Mention has no Free plan while does offer a generous Free plan that allows you to monitor Reddit and Hacker News.

Is Mention Able to Monitor Social Media In real-time?

No, Mention does not monitor social media in real-time. Officially they propose it on custom plans only (no public pricing mentioned on the pricing page). However in our tests, even in that case their alerts are not really real-time alerts.

Mention Does Not Propose Real-Time Notifications, on the other hand, does monitor social media platforms in real-time by directly plugging into social media's APIs. It is a technical challenge that our engineers managed to solve, and it's the best method to guarantee fresh and reliable data.

Mention's technology is something similar to Google Alerts, meaning that they use search engine indexed results in order to monitor social media. A first problem with this method is the inability to gather data instantaneously. Access to real-time information is critical when aiming to be the first to participate in discussions on platforms. Another problem is the potential omission of crucial data that search engines do not index.

Does Mention Monitor Linkedin's Private Posts?

No, Mention cannot monitor Linkedin's private posts but only Linkedin's posts publicly available in search results. On the other hand, does monitor Linkedin's private posts!

Mention states the following on their website:

Mention Not Monitoring Linkedin Private Posts

Monitoring social conversations on LinkedIn is difficult, which is why only a few platforms can successfully do it. At, we track specific keywords in LinkedIn posts, even if these posts aren't found in public search results.


Mention is one of the most popular platforms for social media listening. might not have the same social media management tools as Mention, but it excels in monitoring keywords across various platforms, like Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter), Hacker News, and Quora. If that's your focus, is a better choice.

Feel free to see for yourself: register on here.

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