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In the digital age, staying ahead of the curve requires keen awareness and insightful analysis of conversations happening online. Hacker News, a hub for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and programmers, is one of those platforms brimming with potential insights. But navigating its vast expanse to track specific topics, mentions of your brand, or sentiment about your competitors can be daunting. That's where comes into play.


Why Monitor Keywords on Hacker News?

Hacker News is more than just a social news website; it's a community where the latest in technology, entrepreneurship, and programming is discussed and debated vigorously. Whether it's the launch of a groundbreaking product, a pivotal software update, or a trending geopolitical event, it finds a mention here. This makes Hacker News an invaluable resource for:

The challenge, however, lies in filtering through the noise to find the conversations that matter to you. This is precisely where steps in.

The Advantage In Social Listening

At, we simplify the process of social listening on Hacker News, allowing you to: dashboard Define keywords to listen to on Reddit, X (Twitter), Hacker News... email alerts Receive an email alert, a Slack webhook, or an API webhook, when a keyword is found in posts or comments sentiment analysis Leverage AI to automatically analyze the sentiment about your keyword

Real World Use Cases Leveraging Mention Tracking on Hacker News

Let's dive a bit deeper into how can transform the way you engage on Hacker News:

1. Attracting Customers

Imagine catching a conversation where someone mentions your competitor or a solution that your product provides. With, you can jump into these discussions at the right moment, offering insights, solutions, or simply making your presence known, essentially turning potential customers your way.

Example of competitor mentioned on Reddit. Time to jump in!

2. Getting Feedback

What if you could get a comprehensive picture of how your brand is perceived by the tech community? By monitoring mentions and performing sentiment analysis, helps you understand the public sentiment, allowing you to fine-tune your products, messaging, and strategies.

3. Watching Competitors

Staying one step ahead often means keeping your friends close and your competitors closer. By tracking mentions of your competitors, provides a look into their public reception, strategies, and potential areas where your business can capitalize.

4. Following Trends

The tech world moves fast. With, you can follow discussions around emerging technologies or geopolitical trends, making sure you're always informed and possibly even ahead of the curve.

5. Doing Customer Support

A timely response to a customer complaint or query can turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one. By monitoring mentions, ensures you never miss an opportunity to support your customers publicly, enhancing your brand's reputation.

6. Measuring the Impact of Marketing Campaigns

After launching a marketing campaign, tracking its impact on platforms like Hacker News can offer insights into its reception and effectiveness. makes this analysis straightforward, helping you understand and build on your successes.

6. Beyond Just Tracking isn't just about monitoring; it's about engaging and understanding. With features like email alerts, API webhooks, and Slack notifications, staying updated and reacting in real time has never been easier. Whether you're a startup looking to make your mark, a developer seeking feedback, or a marketer aiming to understand and amplify your brand's presence, is your gateway to mastering social listening on Hacker News.

Boost Your SEO Thanks To Hacker News

With Google’s recent update prioritizing Hacker News content in search engine results pages (SERPs), participating on Hacker News can greatly enhance SEO.

Contributing insightful and valuable industry-related responses can attract organic traffic to your website via profile links and mentions. Hacker News has high domain authority, so backlinks from the site are considered credible and can improve your site’s ranking.

Moreover, engaging in pertinent discussions can boost your brand’s visibility and authority within your niche.

Overall, capitalizing on Hacker News’ elevated SERP presence can result in improved online visibility and higher search engine rankings for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I boost my SEO with Hacker News?

Yes, given Google's recent algorithm changes, the Hacker News content now ranks very high in Google's SERP, so being active on Hacker News can significantly boost your SEO

Do you monitor Hacker News in real-time?

Yes, you will get a notification instantly when someone posts on Hacker News.

Do you monitor both posts and comments on Hacker News?

Yes, we monitor both posts and comments on Hacker News.

Is it possible to exclude or include specific HN users?

Yes, by default we listen to the posts and comments from all HN users, but you can choose to track only specific users. You can also decide to exclude specific users.

Can I exclude Hacker News posts and comments that contain specific keywords?


Can I monitor Hacker News content that only contains several terms at the same time?

Yes, you can decide to receive an alert only if several words are all detected in the Hacker News posts or comments. If only some terms are detected, but not all of them, you won't be notified.

How can I perform sentiment analysis on Hacker News?

On we automatically analyze the sentiment about your keywords when they are detected on HN. We manage to do that thanks to advanced AI large language models. You will need a plan that supports sentiment analysis.

How can I receive an email alert when a keyword is found on Hacker News?

Simply declare the keywords you want to monitor on Hacker News and you will automatically receive an email alert when the keyword is detected. You can also decide to disable the email alert.

How can I receive a Slack notification or an API webhook when a keyword is found on Hacker News?

You will need to subscribe to a plan that allows Slack notifications or API webhooks, and then follow a simple integration process.

Can I import many keywords all at once?

Yes, if you have many keywords to listen to on Hacker News, it might be easier for you to work locally on an Excel file or a Google spreadsheet that contains all your keywords, and then upload everything in bulk to You will need a plan that includes bulk upload.

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