API Webhooks For Social Listening Integration Into Your System

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of conversations about your brand, industry trends, and competitor activities is crucial. Our cutting-edge social listening platform is designed to deliver real-time alerts from major social networks like Reddit, LinkedIn, Hacker News, and X (Twitter) directly to you. With our robust API webhooks integration, you can seamlessly automate these insights directly into your workflows, ensuring you never miss a beat.

API Webhooks

Seamless API Webhooks Integration

Our API webhooks are designed for easy integration with your existing systems, whether that’s your CRM, analytics tools, customer support platforms, or custom applications. Our documentation is clear, comprehensive, and designed to get you up and running with minimal setup time.

We will send a JSON encoded POST HTTP request to the URL you specify, every time a new keyword is detected.

You will need to read the body of the HTTP request. This body is formatted as JSON. Here is an example:

    "platform": "reddit",
    "query": "Keywords: vllm",
    "datetime": "19 Jan 24 05:52 UTC",
    "link": "https://www.reddit.com/r/LocalLLaMA/comments/19934kd/sglang_new/kijvtk5/",
    "content": "sglang runtime has a different architecture on the higher-level part with vllm.",
    "sentiment": "neutral"

Real-time Alerts From Reddit, Hacker News, Linkedin, and X (Twitter)

Speed matters. In the world of social listening, being the first to know can make all the difference. Our API webhooks provide instant notifications the moment your specified keywords are mentioned. This means you can react in real-time to conversations, sentiments, and trends relevant to your brand or industry.

Monitor discussions in real-time on Reddit, LinkedIn, Hacker News, and X (Twitter), all from one platform.

Integrate our API Webhooks for Social Listening

Set up API Webhook Set up your webhook URL in your dashboard

Here is how it works:

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Frequently asked questions

What security measures are in place for data shared through webhooks?

Our platform prioritizes security, employing encryption (TLS) to ensure that data transmitted via our webhooks is protected

Are there any limitations on the number of webhooks I can create?

Yes, you can create one webhook per account, but if you create a team each member of the team will be able to create his own webhook

What kinds of events can trigger a webhook alert?

A webhook is triggered everytime a keyword is detected on a social media platform, in real-time

How can I test the webhook integration before going live?

In your dashboard, when setting up your webhook URL, you can send test webhooks to help you with your integration

Can webhooks be integrated with any CRM or customer support platform?

Yes, every systems that are able to receive custom POST HTTP requests can receive our webhooks

Is technical support available for setting up and troubleshooting webhook integrations?

Absolutely! We offer dedicated technical support for setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting webhook integrations.

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