An Awario Alternative For Social Listening on Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter) And More

Are you looking for a good alternative to Awario for social media listening? See our in-depth comparison between Awario and for social media monitoring on Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter), Quora, Hacker News... You will learn how compares in terms of pricing, features, and speed. vs Awario VS Awario: Pricing Comparison

An effective social listening strategy often means that you will need to monitor many keywords at the same time. Whether you are monitoring your brand, your competitors, your products, or tons of other business related keywords, you will need a pricing that supports many keywords without breaking the bank.

Awario makes a distinction between "topics" and "keywords". So even if you are not limited in terms of keywords per topic, you are limited by the maximum number of topics included in your plan. For example in the Starter plan you can only monitor 3 topics at the same time. on the other hand does not make a distinction between topics and keywords. You can monitor many keywords on our platform at an affordable cost. For example on you can monitor 100 keywords on Reddit for $79 per month, and 500 keywords for $199 per month.

Additionally, Awario only allows for a maximum of detected mentions per month (30k mentions per month on the Starter plan). There is no such a limitation on

Here is the Awario pricing as of this writing:

Awario Pricing

The first plan on Awario starts at $49 per month while starts at $19 per month. Awario's Enterprise plan costs $399 per month while's Enterprise plan costs $199 per month. It is also worth noting that some advanced features like API webhooks are only available on the Enterprise plan on Awario while they are available in lower plans on

Last of all, Awario does not propose any Free plan while does propose a Free plan that allows you to monitor Reddit and Hacker News.

Does Awario Monitor Social Media In real-time?

Awario does not monitor social media in real-time, but does.

This distinction comes from the fact that directly plugs into social media's APIs. This is more work for us, but it is the only good way to ensure fresh and consistent data, without missing any mention.

On the other hand, Awario does a web search based on search engine results, which is equivalent to something like Google Alert. The first problem with this approach is that they are not able to get data in real-time. Real-time data makes a huge difference if you want to be the first to chime in a conversation on social media. The second problem is that they can miss some important data that search engines do not index.

Does Awario Monitor Linkedin?

Awario does not monitor Linkedin, but does.

Here is what Awario officially state on their website:

Awario Not Monitoring Linkedin

Performing social listening on Linkedin is very hard, which is why few platforms are able to do it. At we monitor keywords in Linkedin posts, whether these posts are publicly available in search results or not.

Does Awario Monitor X (Twitter)'s Private Content?

Most of X (Twitter)'s content is today not public anymore. This is why traditional social listening platforms like Awario cannot effectively monitor X.

Here is what Awario officially state on their website:

Awario Not Monitoring Twitter Private Content does monitor all posts and comments on X, whether the content is publicly available is search results or not. Accessing such a content can give you a huge advantage in your social listening strategy!


Awario is a popular actor in the social monitoring field. Their platform is more positioned as a "social media management" platform than a social listening platform.

Awario clearly has many social media management features that we do not propose at (and that we do not plan to propose in the future as this is not our core competency). However if you are looking for an efficient social media monitoring platform in order to monitor specific keywords on Reddit, Linkedin, X (Twitter), Hacker News, and more, should be a better choice.

Feel free to see for yourself: register on here.

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